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Five Interesting Things To Do Near Brazos House Retreat, Glen Rose, Tx

Updated: Apr 2

Kids waiting for Guided horseback riding

Vacation times are the most sought after especially in today’s chaotic lifestyle. But these vacations are incomplete without interesting things to do. While enjoying your vacation at the Brazos House Retreat, you can have multiple interesting things in your itinerary. This article provides you with the list of five interesting things to do near Brazos House Retreat, Glen Rose, Tx.

Five things to do near Brazos House Retreat 

Dinosaur Valley State Park & Dinosaur World

While at Glen Rose, the ‘Dinosaur Capital of Texas’, Dinosaur Valley State Park is the unmissable one of a kind place. It's a unique place where dinosaurs left their footprints at the edge of the ocean in the mud. An adventurous park and a true heaven for nature lovers, Dinosaur Valley State Park is the perfect getaway from the constant chaos of urban life. 

There is something for every age group. You can take out the adventurous best in you through the following activities at the Dinosaur Valley State Park:

Dinosaur Tracks

These tracks are not always easily visible to your naked eyes because they are in the riverbed. You can download these tracks from the Mapping Dinosaur Tracks page on your smartphones.There are different options of trails which vary with regards to the distance covered, time taken, and also the difficulty level. Therefore, choose wisely to get the maximum adventure from your chosen break. 

Take a guided tour

Eagle Eye Ranch Carrying Company provides different types of equestrian services for you to enjoy the scenic trails. A few of them are:

  • Guided horseback riding

  • Horse- drawn wagon ridges

  • Wrangler assisted trail rides for children from 3 to 14 years old

Ride your own horse

You can explore the vast 100 acre South Primitive Area by riding on your own horse. The river runs through this part of the park which is woody and semi rocky. The potable water is not available on this side of the park, therefore carry a bucket with you. The horses can drink water from the river. 

Ranger Programs

You can also choose something from their Ranger Programs where they provide following activities: observing stars, observing wildlife, learning a new skill at one of their workshops for geocaching, fishing and archery. You can also choose a Junior Ranger Explorer Pack for the kids in your group. 

Dinosaur World

It is located near the Dinosaur Valley State Park. Dinosaur world is packed with fun and family friendly experiences that your kids will enjoy. 

Other adventurous activities

Apart from the above list, you can choose from multiple other adventurous activities to suit your interests: hiking, mountain biking, swimming, picnic, fishing and paddling in the river, watching wildlife and looking for a geocache. So complete your stay at Brazos House Retreat, Glen Rose, Tx with a rush in adrenaline at Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is an abode to more than 1100 animals living peacefully at the 1800 acre park. A not for profit entity, it specializes in captive breeding programs for indigenous, exotic, endangered and threatened species. It is also accredited by the Association of Zoos And Aquariums (ZAA). 

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is located in the beautiful Texas Hill County. You can explore the place with their guided tours, group tours and speciality tours (the seasonal tours with rotating themes).

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center provides an enhanced experience of  environmental learning through their magnificent outdoor facilities. You can choose from multiple learning programs of half day, full day or overnight. You can also pick up from the list of individual or the family programs. There is also an option for a photography workshop.

They offer both guided and self tours. In a guided tour the visitors are also taken to the places which are not open to the general public. Whereas, in self guided tours you can drive in your vehicles in the park between the free roaming animals. Both are different experiences. If you love wildlife, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is not to be missed!

Downtown Glen Rose

Any vacation feels incomplete without shopping, even if it's little or something very small. To complete your stay at Brazos House Retreat, you can indulge in the local shopping at Downtown Glen Rose. Texas courthouse square has multiple shops and restaurants to enhance your feeling of freedom and vacation. 

River Walk

The River Walk of Glen Rose is along the banks of Paluxy River between Big Rocks Park and Heritage Park. You can enjoy a stroll, walk, run, ride a bike or hike on the paved stretch of 6.6 kms. Since the Riverwalk is lighted, you can enjoy it at any time of the day. As the walk starts from the Big Rocks Park, it leads to a weir (a low profile dam). Except after heavy rains, the weir is open all year round. 

Squaw Creek Golf Course

Squaw Creek is a 36 hole Golf Course located near the Downtown. The Golfers in your group can enjoy the game while others can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Texas countryside full of beautiful vistas of old Oak trees. Squaw Creek Golf Course has heavily wooded holes that help you to maintain the focus on the game. You can also visit their website to find out the available courses and their fees to club up your vacation with your beloved hobby. 


Brazos House Retreat is a perfect countryside getaway to rest away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Your stay at Brazos House Retreat can be made more interesting only when you have a fun packed itinerary for the entire group of family and friends. This article gives you a list of five interesting things to do near Brazos House Retreat to cater to different people of multiple age groups and interests. Those are as follows:

  • Dinosaur Valley State Park

When you stay at the ‘Dinosaur Capital of Texas’, this park cannot be missed. It's a unique adventurous park that has something for every age group. 

  • Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

A true heaven for the wildlife lovers, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is an abode to 1100 animals spread across the land of 1800 acres.

  • Downtown Glen Rose

You can complete your vacation experience by shopping and eating at Downtown Glen Rose. 

  • River Walk

It's a 6.6 kms stretch along the Paluxy river where you can stroll, walk, run, ride a bike or hike. 

  • Squaw Creek Golf Course

All the golfers in your group can enjoy their beloved game at a 36 hole Golf Course covered by the scenic beauty of old Oak trees.

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Glen Rose is a home to everything from ancient history to modern recreation. The hunt for Dinosaur footprints, golf game at Squaw Creek Golf Course, wildlife preservation at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, river walk along the banks of Paluxy River: everything that can engage you in a perfect trip, is famous in Glen Rose.

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